Cleaning Subcontractors VS contractors

By on October 21st, 2020

Is your cleaning company just the middleman?

There is a misconception that when you hire a cleaning company to clean your office, that it is their own employees that do the actual cleaning. This is not always the case. A few cleaning companies are nothing more than middleman; companies that promise you quality cleaning only to shift the responsibility to another company after they get your work. It is a sure easy way of making money without getting your hands dirty. The downside of this is that once your ‘cleaner’ hands over the keys to a sub-contractor, they stop being involved in the cleaning side of things. Sometimes it is hard to know exactly how the subcontractor operates, if they pay fair award rates to their cleaners, if they have sufficient insurance (or any at all), or if they meet OH&S requirements.

When choosing what cleaning company, be sure to you choose one you can trust; make sure it’s their own employees that do the work. It is the only way to truly know who is entering your premises at night and that the company you’re dealing with is directly liable for the safety and quality standards of the cleaning.

Keep it clean!

Joe Brankovic




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