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The Commercial Cleaning Experts

2G Cleaning Services are commercial cleaning experts who provide an excellent service combined with the newest technology and many years of experience.

• Cleaning Sydney since 1994
• Cater for companies of all sizes
• Customized cleaning schedule to suit your needs and budget
• We clean offices, warehouses, function centres, schools and child care centres.

Professional Cleaning Service Company

Whether you’re a small or large business in Sydney, we can all agree that an important necessity is cleanliness of your work space. A clean office is a healthy office. Having a hygienic environment plays a part in helping your staff be more productive. Creating a healthy workplace is a job we take pride in doing well.

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Company History

2G Commercial Cleaning Services started cleaning in 1994 under the name G&G Cleaning Service. The family business was founded by Gary and Dana Brankovic, who initially started off with only one cleaning contract. Over the years their reputation for being trustworthy and reliable spread quickly. In the year 2000 the business was rebranded ‘2G Cleaning Services’. Today the company has a team of experienced cleaners and a regular client base in all areas of Sydney. Currently under the managing director, Joe Brankovic, our company is striving to achieve even greater heights in the cleaning industry.

Our Philosophy

Our company philosophy is based on superior customer service and quality. Our goal is to establish a team of the most disciplined cleaners in Sydney and grow our brand to associate with reliability and superior service. What we wish to provide to our customers is a peace of mind, not only when it comes to cleanliness, but also security and safety. We are proud of our zero-incident record and will continue to prioritize the safety of the public, our customers and our staff.

We are also big believers that the ‘workman is only as good as his tools’. In our case; the cleaner is as good as the chemicals and cleaning equipment. We use premium brands and the best machines on the market to achieve our high standard of cleaning. There is no compromise when it comes to the quality of our work.

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