Vinyl floors are the top choice when it comes to busy areas such as lobbies, hallways and receptions. To keep your vinyl floor looking beautiful, the sealer (clear, plastic top layer of the floor) must be changed at least once a year. Over time the vinyl floor starts losing its shine due to ware and tear, build-up of oils, soap, and dust. Eventually the old layer of sealer starts getting dull and gets an appearance of a yellow discoloration.

Experience and quality

Stripping and sealing floors is a tricky job which must be timed perfectly and takes many years of practice to perfect the skills involved. If this is not done by a professional, your floor might end up looking worse than before.

Our experienced team always use the highest quality sealers to protect your floor. We put a minimum of 3 layers to give your floor an extra, longer lasting shine.

Call us today and we will make your vinyl floor look like new!

Our Method

  1. Put up safety signs!
  2. Pre clean the floor.
  3. Spread disolved striper with a mop.
  4. Use a single disk rotary floor machine with an appropriate pad to scrub old sealer.
  5. Pick up the left over slush with a wet-vac.
  6. Mop the floor with warm water to pick up any remaining striper.
  7. With a poly/cotton mop, apply a very thin layer of sealer.
  8. Let the layer dry for 20 minutes before applying another layer at least 2 more times.
  9. Wait at least 12 hours for the sealer to solidify.
  10. Buff the floor with an appropriate pad .

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